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Jd coin
2 min readNov 5, 2020
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Newtothestreet “Exploring the block” has broadcasted on Bloomberg on Saturday Oct 24th 2020 featuring JD Coin (JDC).

This being show Number one hundred forty for “ New To The Street” spanning over 10 years covering top business content for the largest television networks on the globe stated Creator and Co-Founder Vince Caruso.

In addition to Bloomberg broadcast, Saturday, this show has also been broadcasted in its entirety on Fox Business Network Monday, October 26th, at 10:30 pm PST.

JD Coin, based out of the USA, kicked off its success journey in April 2018 with a simple yet challenging mission of creating a secure process of trading, designed for mass adoption with industry-leading transaction speeds. JD coin is coming up with the next generation blockchain aiming to resolve the problems carried away with the previous generations of blockchain.

JD Coin is paving its way to take the crypto industry by a storm by leading us to better and faster version of technology to address real-world problems in a more practical and cost-effective manner. Addressing the crucial component of consensus algorithm in any blockchain system which determines its performance and security, JD Coin is working on a multi-layered consensus algorithm such as a combination of POS (Proof of Stake) and POH (Proof of History) or POR (Proof of Reputation), etc., will help in providing a solution for varied application scenarios with an ability to run in a small footprint on devices.

The consumer-friendly JD Company is built for practical, real-world use cases where traders need no prior trading experience. JD Coin is leading us to a world of faster processing and sustainable technology, Stated Doctor Singh CEO.



Jd coin

JD Coin is a popular entrant in the cashless and electronic money based economy offering decentralized smart money based on the blockchain technology.